Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Sonia Diamond, Post-WWII

Earlier, I posted about the Red Cross tracing forms that my grandmother (Sonia Diamond) had filled out in the 1950s.  The International Tracing Service (ITS) also had a series of documents tracking my grandmother through Displaced Persons (DP) camps after WWII.
ITS Summary Card, Sonia Diamond

A summary card showed her path during and after the war, from her birth in Luck (actually Luck district, in the town of Horochiv) to various towns, the ghetto, and various DP camps before she emigrated to the United States.

The following series of documents show her post-war movements in more detail.

The earliest document in the file was from December 1945, where a DP registration record listed her as being fluent in Yiddish and Polish, desiring to go to America, and listing her parents as Abraham and Szewa (nee Fain) Baicz.
Sonia Diment/Diamond DP Registration Record, December 1945

In January 1946, she was transferred from Neu-Freiman DP camp near Munich to another DP camp, Leipheim, near Ulm.
Sonia Diamond DP Camp Transfer, January 1946
Once arrived in Leipheim, she got a new DP registration record.  This one had her desired destination as Palestine, and other than some spelling variations on her parents' names, the rest of the information is similar to the previous registration.
Sonia Diment/Diamond DP Registration Record, January 1946
Her final DP registration record was filled out in January 1947, shortly before her emigration to the United States.
Sonia Diment/Diamond DP Registration Record, January 1947
The final record in her file was her emigration in March 1947 on the "Ernie Pyle," with a final destination of Baltimore.  Her next of kin is listed as the "U.S. Maritime Commission."

Sonia Diment/Diamond Emigration Tracker, 1949
My father just gave me an envelope full of old documents on my grandparents.  I'll be going through them and probably posting them here--so stay tuned to see more of my grandparents' story.

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  1. I just sent in a request for ITS documents through USHMM. About how long did you wait to receive these, and did you request them through USHMM or Yad Vashem or otherwise? Thanks!

    1. I got tired of waiting so I went to the USHMM in person. It took 20 minutes.

  2. LOL! I've heard people wait for as long as a year. I foresee either a trip to DC or more likely nagging my brother who lives there to go to the USHMM.