Monday, January 16, 2017

Mendel & Ita Rutners' DNA

Last summer I wrote about how an old 1999 posting on JewishGen led me to Ron in Australia, my third cousin once removed.  We've been corresponding, sharing family stories and photos.  During the recent FamilyTreeDNA sale, I asked Ron if he would test, particularly since my great-great grandmother Itta Farkas Rutner is on his direct female line, making him one of only two known descendants with her mtDNA.  We tacked on a FamilyFinder to get a better look at Rutner autosomal DNA as well.  Ron's FamilyFinder results just came in; his mtDNA results are still processing.

And we've been able to narrow down quite a bit of Rutner DNA.
Rutner DNA Based on Ron's Shared Segments

Ron's closest match is my grandmother's sister Ruthie, with 252cM, including a largest segment of 62cM.  Ron also shares segments of 30cM with my uncle Eddie and my mother's first cousin Scott--but two different segments.  And my mother (and I) share an 18cM segment with Ron.  In addition, my newly-discovered Rutner cousin Avishay has a 22cM segment in common with Ron.
Those who have tested are in blue

Most of the large segments that are shared with Ron differ between the different testees, giving us a reasonably large number of large segments that can be attributed to the Rutners.  (The smaller segments may well be attributed to endogamy, since everyone being discussed here is Jewish.)

We have large parts of Ron's chromosome 6 which seems to have come from Mendel and Itta Rutner and smaller parts of many of the other chromosomes from which a similar conclusion may be drawn.

There are some Rutner descendants with DNA still being processed, so stay tuned!

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  1. Hi Lara,
    Are you related to Shoshana and Lisa Ruttner from Montreal. Their father was a Holocaust survivor, but I think from Czechoslovakia.
    Also, are you related to Stanley Diamond of Montreal? His ancestors changed their name and were from Lomza, Poland.
    Tara Salman

    1. I am likely related to those Ruttners. The area my family came from was Hungary until WWI, Czechoslovakia between WWI and WWII, then Soviet Union, and now Ukraine.

      Stanley & I are not related; I'm an original Diamond, while his family changed their name in the US.