Sunday, July 16, 2017

Rosenfeld Connection

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Back in August 2014, I wrote about two brothers (David and Chaim/Hyman Rosenfeld) who were related in some manner to the Diamond family.  When they came to America, they were on the same ship with Morris Dorfman (husband of my grandfather's Aunt Shaindel/Jennie) and some other relatives, and they were going to join their cousin L. Diamond, who was my grandfather's Uncle Leibish (Louis Diamond in America).
Rosenfeld Brothers' Ship Manifest; 1909

I traced these brothers (who were twins) and their lives in America.  I discovered that Hyman married Ida Hill and had three children.  David married Esther Zukin and had four children.  I found that their parents were Naftali Hertz and Leah (nee Shangel) Rosenfeld.  But I still had no solid connection to my family besides the ship manifest--and I was wondering if perhaps they just said Leibish/Louis was a cousin to be able to get into America.

But then I was going through Uncle's Leibish/Louis's son Harry's autobiography.  And Hyman was mentioned.
From Harry Diamond's Autobiography
Uncle Leibish's marriage to Bessie Chiel/Hill was as a result of a deal wherein his cousin "Hymie" would marry Bessie's homely sister Ida.  This is implying a pretty close relationship between Leibish and the Rosenfelds.  So this is a connection I'll keep pursuing, and hopefully I'll find documentation that shows the actual connection!

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