Sunday, July 30, 2017

Tkatch-ing Up to the Sanshucks

Through my Shpikov/Krasnoye project, I've obtained lots of vital records for both towns over the past few years.  After a first large batch of records helped me to unravel my Sanshuck and Brandman families, the few years' worth of records I got since then weren't too helpful--or so I thought.

Ukraine SIG obtained a large batch of records recently (an entire list of what they got can be seen here), and I got very excited to see some Krasnoye records listed which were new to our project.  My initial scan through the documents was disappointing, as I didn't see any Sanshucks or Brandmans.  But then I looked more closely.  There were vital events for some Tkatch brothers--and the names of those brothers, their wives, and their father exactly matched those of Krasnoye's Sanshuck brothers.  I looked back at records I'd transcribed previously and there they were again.
Marriage of Yitzchok son of Yisrael Tkatch (my 5th great uncle) and Reiza daughter of Dovid Grupenman, 1842
(This isn't from the latest batch of records since I can't share those images--but I've had this for a few years without knowing they were really Sanshucks!)

It looks like in the late 1830s and early 1840s, the family used the name Tkatch (which also means "weaver"--so perhaps it was just a profession and not their surname).  After that time, they were more consistently Sanshuck (with various spellings).  It seems that I've had several Tkatch records for years which were really my Sanshucks (they're all up on JewishGen because I transcribed them, not even realizing they were my family members).

So what was I able to add to my family tree today?  In addition to my 5th great uncle's marriage record (above), I discovered that my 3rd great grandfather Aryeh Leib Sanshuck had a sister Malka who died in July 1841 at the age of 11 months.  I also have the birth &/or death records of six of Aryeh Leib's first cousins.  And based on naming patterns, I've narrowed down the year of death for my 4th great grandfather Naftali.

And now I need to go transcribe all of these new records so others can have the same kind of success!

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  1. I clear read in russian last name like GRUPIN or GRUPINMAN , but not
    Always happy to help.

    1. Thanks! The Hebrew was squished. I updated the post.

  2. from jewishgen
    " GRAPENMAN / GRUPENMAN, Yeshaya Baruch, Dovid
    -, -
    - 1/Jul/1844
    26 Tamuz Krasnoye
    Podolia - Krasnoye

  3. After reading this post, Lara, I realized how you and I are probably related: thru Tkach in Krasnoye/Shpikov. My Tkach 2x Great grandfather on paternal line lived next door in Shpikov to your Sanschuk's ancestors.

    1. My Tkatch/Sanshuck family was actually in Krasnoye, sonim not sure if they were related to the Shpikov ones other than by marriage. Have you y dna tested any of your Tkatches? I have a y test on a male Sanshuck, and we can see if there is a match!

    2. I tested my Dad thru Ancestry couple years ago. My brother and I also did a DNA test thru 23andMe. But you can find all the information on the GedMatch. Also my second cousin from Tkach branch is on Ancestry- Serge (Sergey) Tkach. He is hard to reach.

  4. I have an idea for the appearance of the last name SANCHUK. I believe that it comes from the female name SANCHE and the end-CHUK. This name I found only in Miromaros and Subcarpathia. Perhaps this is the form of the name Shprintsz, the wife of Naftali, whose children received the name SANCHUK. Then we can guess the place of her birth.

    Eugene Krasnov

    1. I guess it's possible, but I don't know how likely it is. The vast majority of the Maramaros/Subcarpathian Jews emigrated TO Maramaros/SC around the time that I have my family documented as being in Krasnoye. There weren't many Jews in Maramaros/SC yet to have naming patterns and to emigrate pretty far into the Russian Empire.