Sunday, May 5, 2024

Yom HaShoah 2024

Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Memorial Day) starts this evening.  For the past seven years, I have listed the names of the family members I've found who were murdered in the Holocaust.  In 2020, I listed 454 relatives.  In 2021, I listed 515.  In 2022, I listed 642.  In 2023, I listed 916.  And this year I list 990.

Every year, this list grows as I find new branches of my family--and then find that multiple members of those branches were killed between 1941 & 1945.  This year I found 74 more people--and many other relatives whose fates are as yet unclear.

Publishing this yearly list is my one small way to make sure they are all remembered--all 990 of those currently on this list.

Front Row L-R: Yosef Wollich, Mendel Chechman, Devorah Chechman; Back Row L-R: Sara Fine Wollich, Moshe Wollich, Chaike Chechman.  All were murdered in the Holocaust

Name Age Relationship to Me
(xCyR is an xth cousin 
y times removed)
Added in past year
Baich, Avrohom 57Great grandfather
Diamond, Avrohom Tzvi 63Great grandfather
Suttleman Diamond, Tzivia 52Great grandmother
Beitch, Molly 18Great aunt
Diamond Mazurik, Kreina 27Great aunt
Mazurik, David abt 28 Great aunt's husband
Diamond, Shlomo 13Great uncle
Fine Wollich, Sara 51Great-great aunt
Fine, Baila 45Great-great aunt
Joshowitz Katz, Frieda 62Great-great aunt
Rutner Holder, Malka 46Great-great aunt
Holder, Yosef 46Great-great aunt's husband
Wollich, Yosef 55Great-great aunt's husband
Fine, Moshe Dovid 80Great-great grandfather
Fuchs, Mendel44Great-Great Uncle
Rutner, Boruch Hirsch 63Great-great uncle
Grunberger Rutner, Etya Sheva 61Great-great uncle's wife
Katz, Samuel50Great-great aunt's husband
Moskovic/Salamon Fuchs, Chaja Fajga39Wife of 2nd great uncle
Fuchs Rutner, Kreindel 57Great-great uncle's wife & 3C2R
Rutner Gedalyovics, Malka84Great-Great-Great aunt
Rutner, Wolf 88Great-Great-Great uncle
Rutner Lebovics, Eszter82Great-great-great aunt
Fogel, Mozes 73Great-great-great aunt's husband
Ninsenson Zubkis, Raisaabout 65Wife of ggg uncle
Miller Rutner, Sara70+Wife of ggg uncle
Neubauer Iczkovics Rutner, Blima61Wife of ggg uncle
Fine, Ita Leah 81Wife of ggg uncle
Falikovics Rutner, Dreitza 351/2 1C2R's wife
Mazurik, Rivka 51C1R
Katz, Nosson?1C2R
Fuchs, Dovid 171C2R
Joszovics Herskovics, Leah Devora Dora301C2R***
Fuchs, Shlomo Solomon 271C2R
Holder, Itzik 181C2R
Joshowitz, Esther 181C2R
Joshowitz, Issac Myer Morris 351C2R
Josovits-Katz, Itzik 341C2R
Rutner Davidovics, Henya Rochel 361C2R
Rutner, Esther 21C2R
Rutner, Ezra 61C2R
Rutner, Ita 41C2R
Rutner-Grunberger, Mendel 421C2R
Rutner, Mendel 321C2R
Rutner, Rivka 191C2R
Rutner, Smil*421C2R
Wollich Chechman, Cheike 321C2R
Katz Sajovics, Sara 311C2R
Chechman, Mendel abt 35 1C2R's husband
Davidovics, Chaim 401C2R's husband
Sajovics, Isaac Leib301C2R's husband
Fuchs, Salamon 451C2R's husband
Michel Rutner, Zelda 241C2R's wife
Roth Josovic-Katz, Etel 441C2R's wife
Berger Rutner, Maria44Wife of 1C2R***
Fine, Chaim421C3R
Eizikovics, Mordechai Marton 441C3R
Berkovics Adler, Brana Berta451C3R
Eizikovic, Avraham 331C3R
Eizikovic, David Isaac 381C3R
Eizikovic, Menachem Mendel 451C3R
Gedalyovits, Avraham Alter631C3R
Gedalyovits, Davidabout 571C3R
Jankelovits, Ancsel461C3R
Lazovnik, Ovadia 531C3R
Lebovics, Mendel391C3R
Rutner Groszman, Sara521C3R
Rutner, Chayaabout 501C3R
Rutner, Leizer501C3R
Rutner, Mendel 371C3R
Steinmetz, Shalom Zelig 461C3R
Steinmetz, Shaul Aryeh 401C3R
Zubkis, Tania 491C3R
Jankelovics Einhorn, Eidel 401C3R
Jankelovics Einhorn, Freida 441C3R
Fogel, Gershon 361C3R
Fogel, Viktor 251C3R
Fogel Meier, Chana 351C3R
Fogel Steinmetz, Roza 481C3R
Jankelovits, Gerson 521C3R
Rutner, Fischel 581C3R
Fogel, Elias about 411C3R
Fuchs, Baruch Hersch431C3R
Rutner Swartzbard, Helena461C3R
Steinmetz Berkovits, Blima561C3R
Lebovics Landa, Hani Yocheved431C3R
Lebovics, Abraham401C3R
Rutner-Adler, Leizer521C3R***
Szegal, Mozes Ezra 55Husband of 1C3R
Adler Jankelovics, Rivka abt 53Wife of 1C3R
Fine, Chaja 43Wife of 1C3R
Aharonovics Eizikovics, Rivka*41Wife of 1C3R
Feig, Michael?1C3R's husband
Einhorn, Majer 561C3R's husband
Steinmetz, Yaacov 541C3R's husband
Groszman, Herman Tzvi Hirsch49Husband of 1C3R
Feig Rutner, Rochel Ruzena 331C3R's wife
Lazovnik, Lena Devora 421C3R's wife
Yunger Eizikovic, Devorah about 45 1C3R's wife
Kagan Jankelovics, Chaya Baila421C3R's wife
Kahan Rutner, Roza531C3R's wife
Preiss Gedalyovics, Mirel541C3R's wife
Veizer Gedalyovics, Bluma551C3R's wife
Zelikovics Rutner, Sara461C3R's wife
Adler Fogel, Necha about 431C3R's wife
Muller Fuchs, Roza 451C3R's wife
Engelman Steinmetz, Leah Mindia 48Wife of 1C3R
Feig-Einhorn Steinmetz, Malka44Wife of 1C3R***
Einhorn, Majer56Husband of 1C3R***
Adler, Samuel Shlomo Mordechai48Husband of 1C3R***
Berkovits, Chaim Ezra531C3R's husband
Landa-Vegh, Mendel431C3R's husband
Dovidovics Rutner, Tzirel221C3R's wife
Sajovics Rutner, Feigi Faniabt 461C3R's wife
Rutner Taub, Esther701C4R
Schoen Drimmer, Feiga681C4R
Einhorn-Rutner, David531C4R
Fried, Peselabout 801C4R's wife
Taub, Leib751C4R's husband
Drimmer, Leib671C4R's husband
Muller-Gedalovics Einhorn-Rutner, Machla Roza541C4R's wife
Sajovics, Devora 22C1R
Sajovics, Devora's male twin22C1R
Groszman, Jakab182C1R
Davidovics, Dovid Yitzchok Eizik 82C1R
Elio Kriger 42C1R
Josovits-Katz, Yosef 132C1R
Rutner, Chana 132C1R
Rutner, Dovid Yitzchak Eizik 12C1R
Rutner, Shmuel Moshe 92C1R
Chechman, Devora 82C1R
Herskovics, ? (toddler twin)toddler2C1R***
Herskovics, ? (toddler twin)toddler2C1R***
Davidovics, Samuel Mojzis12Half 2C1R
Davidovics, Shaindel14Half 2C1R
Rutner, Esther young child1/2 2C1R
Rutner, Eva young child1/2 2C1R
Rutner, Pinchas young child1/2 2C1R
Fine, Esther 362C2R
Fine, Sara 362C2R
Fine, Machla362C2R
Adler Deuts, Malka 362C2R
Adler, Gitl 292C2R
Eidelstein Einhorn, Frieda 442C2R
Eidelstein Gotlieb, Rochel Leah 442C2R
Eidelstein Gotlieb, Rochel Leah  442C2R
Eidelstein, Baruch Hersh Herman 442C2R
Eidelstein, Gershon 342C2R
Eidelstein, Izsak Jakob 492C2R
Eidelstein, Shalom 502C2R
Jankelovics Veisenshtein, Eszter Malka abt 252C2R
Jankelovics, Aranka 232C2R
Jankelovics, Chava abt 202C2R
Rutner, Mendel (1915) 272C2R
Szegal, David  382C2R
Aaronovich, Dovid?2C2R
Aaronovich, Neshka Necha?2C2R
Aaronovich, Yona?2C2R
Aaronovich, Yosef?2C2R
Aaronovich, Yosef Leib?2C2R
Aaronovich, Zeleg?2C2R
Adler, Edit102C2R
Adler, Irenabout 62C2R
Adler, Mendel82C2R
Berkovics, Aranka162C2R
Berkovics, Yuta Ida192C2R
Feig, Chaim Getzel?2C2R
Feig, Mindel?2C2R
Gedalyovits Gedalyovits, Sara Szoszie Rifke292C2R
Gedalyovits, Feige352C2R
Gedalyovits, Feiwich312C2R
Gedalyovits, Mendel232C2R
Gedalyovits, Sara382C2R
Gedalyovits, Yitzchok282C2R
Groszman Abrahamovics, Rachel Charna292C2R
Groszman Ovics, Meita Marta192C2R
Groszman, Moshe Yaakov102C2R
Herskovics Rutner, Malka412C2R
Jankelovits, Mendel Joel132C2R
Jankelovits, Salamon122C2R
Jankelovits, Toba Rifka152C2R
Rutner, Etel132C2R
Rutner, Ita202C2R
Rutner, Leah112C2R
Rutner, Mendel192C2R
Rutner, Shmuel412C2R
Einhorn, Shlomo 102C2R
Einhorn, Icik 62C2R
Einhorn, Shmuel 112C2R
Einhorn, Gersen Tzvi42C2R
Segal, Hillel 102C2R
Segal, Surela abt 82C2R
Segal, Shia abt 122C2R
Rutner, Ira Jona292C2R
Steinmetz, Leopold Aryeh Leib232C2R
Steinmetz, Malka 102C2R
Steinmetz, Shifra 122C2R
Steinmetz, Mordechai 232C2R
Jankelovits, Toby ?2C2R
Jankelovics, Yitzchok ?2C2R
Jankelovics, Baruch Tzvi?2C2R
Jankelovics, Shlomo ?2C2R
Jankelovics, Yaakov Yoel?2C2R
Jankelovics, Meir ?2C2R
Rutner, Smil Mojse 152C2R
Eizikovics, Martan 252C2R
Majer, Marton Mordechai92C2R
Majer, Salamon Shmuel Yehuda 82C2R
Gedalyovics, Ita 282C2R
Gedalyovics, Chaim 252C2R
Gedayovics, Toba 192C2R
Fogel, Doniel 162C2R
Fogel, Gershon 152C2R
Fogel, Mendel 132C2R
Fogel, Szerena Zezi112C2R
Fuchs, Malka 132C2R
Fuchs, Nachum Ezrielabout 42C2R
Swartzbard, Senca Schenzia 102C2R
Swartzbard, Blima Blanka132C2R
Bogomolny, Klara 242C2R
Bogomolny, Yosef 102C2R
Eizikovic, Mordechai abt 15 2C2R
Eizikovic, Mordechai 372C2R
Eizikovic, Neshka 132C2R
Eizikovic, Rephael 352C2R
Eizikovic, Roizie 112C2R
Eizikovic, Shmuel abt 15 2C2R
Eizikovic, Yaakov 32C2R
Eizikovic, Yechiel Mechel 52C2R
Eizikovic, Yosef Leib 82C2R
Eizikovic, Yosi 142C2R
Eizikovic, Yosi 162C2R
Eizikovic, Zelda 112C2R
Fine, Chaya Clara 272C2R
Fine, Yechiel Mechal 302C2R
Fine, Yehudah Leib 212C2R
Lazovnik, Mirelia 152C2R
Lazovnik, Suzelia 162C2R
Rutner, Ruchlya Rozi 352C2R
Diamond Segal, Reiza abt 452C2R
Steinmetz-Engelman, Abraham Baruch (1923)abt 202C2R
Rutner, Chana Shaindel12C2R
Steinmetz-Engelman, Jozsef82C2R
Steinmetz, Yisrael162C2R
Steinmetz, Chaim Meir102C2R
Steinmetz, Avraham Baruch122C2R
Berkovits, Israel (Szruli) 132C2R
Berkovits, Deszo (Dovid)112C2R
Landa, Sara142C2R
Landa, Miriam Marie102C2R
Landa, Rachel122C2R
Landa, Laja82C2R
Landa, Izrael62C2R
Landa, David Dov42C2R
Rutner, Ita142C2R***
Rutner, Pepi142C2R***
Rutner, David122C2R***
Gotlieb, Tuvia Yehuda 47Husband of 2C2R
Meizel, Tzvi Aryeh 52Husband of 2C2R
Berger Eidelstein, Chaya 50Wife of 2C2R
Eidelstein, Miriam 48Wife of 2C2R
Fixler Eidelstein, Sari Shifra 45Wife of 2C2R
Itzkovics Adler, Feiga 30Wife of 2C2R
Cik, Abraham372C2R's husband
Gedalyovits, Alter322C2R's husband
Mandel, Avraham?2C2R's husband
Frojmovics, Mendel39Husband of 2C2R
Eizikovic, Chaya Leahabout 322C2R's wife
Kahan Steinmetz, Frieda abt 342C2R's wife
Fuchs Eizikovic, Rivka 352C2R's wife
Iczkovics Steinmetz, Eszter Gittel262C2R's wife
Majerovics, Yehuda Eugen 562C3R
Meierovics Viderman, Toba Rivka 672C3R
Meierovics, Mejir Herman Tzvi 522C3R
Meierovics, Pinkasz 612C3R
Meierovics, Samuel David 682C3R
Muller, Gerson     592C3R
Fuchs Zeidenfeld, Tobe Rivka712C3R
Fuchs, Mozes David242C3R
Rutner Fuchs, Miriam Marie582C3R
Rutner, Refaelabout 402C3R
Taub, Mozes David442C3R
Taub, Mendel 362C3R
Taub, Salamon 342C3R
Davidovics, Jozsef 342C3R
Davidovics, Mor 312C3R
Davidovics, Salamon Shlomo402C3R
Muller, Zalman 432C3R
Fuchs Gancz, Sara Laja382C3R
Rubin, Benczi 502C3R
Fogel, Saul Leb282C3R
Fogel Drumer, Rivka 332C3R
Rutner Lebovics, Machla 292C3R
Fuchs Nutovics, Marjem602C3R
Fuchs Landa, Hinda472C3R
Drimmer, Peisach Hersh462C3R
Muller, Mozes Hers532C3R
Stauber, Chaja Esterabt 292C3R
Stauber, Freida162C3R
Kaufman, Salamon292C3R
Taub Kandel, Czirel Cili Czeczelia502C3R
Drimmer Herskovics-Breban, Hani Chaya362C3R
Drimmer Drimmer, Ester252C3R
Drimmer Lazarovics, Etya472C3R
Neuman, Mozes Leib422C3R
Hoffman Fogel, Malka392C3R
Einhorn-Rutner Gutman, Ilona Chaya292C3R
Einhorn-Rutner, Jeno Chaim Armin232C3R
Einhorn-Rutner, Moshe Miklos102C3R
Terkeltaub Steinmetz, Mali432C3R***
Farkas, Gershon672C3R***
Farkas, Zalman Leib722C3R***
Farkas, Volf682C3R***
Farkas, Yehoshua Schie Zsigmond462C3R***
Farkas, Pinchas742C3R***
Einhorn, Mozes David732C3R***
Marmor, Abraham Refuel552C3R***
Kreindler, Jakub562C3R***
Kreindler, Michael342C3R***
Viderman, Efraim Betzalel Gyula 71Husband of 2C3R
Goldberger Majerovics, Sarena 44Wife of 2C3R
Grunberg Majerovics, Miriam Amalia 53Wife of 2C3R
Stern Meierovics, Leah Lotti 52Wife of 2C3R
Fixler, Pinchas722C3R's husband
Nutovics, Mendel59Husband of 2C3R
Landa, Yisraelabt 54Husband of 2C3R
Engel Taub, Henye 422C3R's wife
Steinmetz Adler, Shaindel 542C3R's wife
Lebovics, Zalman Hirsch662C3R's husband
Jankelovics Fuchs, Miriam 732C3R's wife
Viderman Rubin, Chaya Saraabout 502C3R's wife
Katz Rutner, Leah Mindel632C3R's wife
Kandel, Baruch522C3R's husband
Drimmer, Natan292C3R's husband
Rottenberg Drimmer, Pepi482C3R's wife
Pinkasovics Noiman, Helen402C3R's wife
Steinmetz, Zeligabt 43Husband of 2C3R***
Fuchs, Shalom60Husband of 2C3R***
Bajlos Farkas, Chanaabt 70Wife of 2C3R***
Steinmetz Farkas, Gitl Babcie67Wife of 2C3R***
Fixler Farkas, Rivka35Wife of 2C3R***
Katz Farkas, Rozalie Rochel37Wife of 2C3R***
Steinmetz Einhorn, Hani Ita73Wife of 2C3R***
Szabo Rutner, Judesz52Wife of 2C3R***
Fruchter Kreindler, Devora34Wife of 2C3R***
Perl Adler, Miriam38Half 2C3R
Perl Tolz, Pesel29Half 2C3R
Perl, Shalom36Half 2C3R
Perl, Shlomo Jacobabt 20Half 2C3R
Landa, Chaya Rochel20Half 2C3R
Landa, Henrik Chaim Yosef26Half 2C3R
Landa, Herman Yehuda Tzvi34Half 2C3R
Davidovics, Nachmanabt 40Half 2C3R's husband
Rutner, Meilech (Elimelech) 492C4R
Ruttner, Josef 452C4R
Muller, Juda622C4R
Fleischer Moskovics, Szura762C4R
Rutner Stein, Chava742C4R***
Katina Rutner, Chana Rivka abt 45Wife of 2C4R
Berger Rezmuves, Chana75Wife of 2C4R
Moskovics, Mozes762C4R's husband
Stein, Yechezkel77Husband of 2C4R***
Deuts, Dina 53C1R
Deuts, Eidel 123C1R
Deuts, Freida 143C1R
Deuts, Mojse 103C1R
Deuts, Serl 83C1R
Deuts, Sulem 43C1R
Eidelstein, Yehoshua 123C1R
Eidelstein, Yudis 263C1R
Einhorn, Asher Anshel 123C1R
Einhorn, Devora  Dorota 83C1R
Einhorn, Shlomo Samuel 83C1R
Gotlieb, Yosef 63C1R
Meizel, Avraham 43C1R
Meizel, Moshe 33C1R
Szegal, Abraham 83C1R
Szegal, Freida 123C1R
Szegal, Volf Hers 133C1R
Eizikovic, Batsheva 23C1R
Eizikovic, Menachem 43C1R
Eizikovic, Shmuel 83C1R
Eizikovic, Shmuel 63C1R
Eizikovic, Shoshana 63C1R
Veisenshtein, Yeta infant3C1R
Viderman, Avraham ?3C1R
Abrahamovics, Avraham Alter23C1R
Cik, Ezra123C1R
Cik, Joinesz63C1R
Gedalyovics, Aharon63C1R
Gedalyovics, Chaim73C1R
Gedalyovics, Chaya43C1R
Mandel, Ezra73C1R
Mandel, Rochel93C1R
Ovics, Freida Malka13C1R
Rutner, ? (son of Mendel)33C1R
Rutner, Avraham Leizer33C1R
Rutner, Ester113C1R
Rutner, Eszter103C1R
Rutner, Eszter83C1R
Rutner, Ezra Yaakov63C1R
Rutner, Gita103C1R
Rutner, Jidesz143C1R
Rutner, Szura83C1R
Steinmetz, Leib 113C1R
Steinmetz, Isaac 93C1R
Steinmetz, Judith 73C1R
Steinmetz, Hella 53C1R
Grunberger, Serl93C1R
Abrahamovics, Mindel Malka43C1R
Steinmetz, Samuelinfant3C1R
Tesler Viderman, Leah ?Wife of 3C1R
Bistricer, Refuel 413C2R
Fixler, Jankel Jakob 303C2R
Fuchs Muller, Roza Malka 453C2R
Gancz, Majer 273C2R
Gancz, Vilmos 333C2R
Majerovics, Israel  483C2R
Majerovics, Mendel 353C2R
Viderman, Moshe 443C2R
Viderman, Yehuda Tzvi 463C2R
Fixler Gutman, Malka343C2R
Fixler, Benczin373C2R
Fuchs Fuchs, Pesel343C2R
Fuchs, Meita303C2R
Fuchs, Mordechai Marton373C2R
Fuchs, Shlomoabout 53C2R
Fuchs, Yisrael Moshe273C2R
Perl Fuchs, Miriam Mari383C2R
Rutner Davidovics, Pesel453C2R
Rutner Engel, Perel373C2R
Rutner, Charnaabout 403C2R
Rutner, Meita Margarit233C2R
Rutner, Saraabout 403C2R
Taub, Chaim Leib143C2R
Taub, Asher 113C2R
Taub, Efrayim Hirsch103C2R
Taub, Blima 63C2R
Taub, Yosef Zundel223C2R
Taub, Reiza 213C2R
Rutner, Baruch Buda253C2R
Lebovics, Avraham Refael163C2R
Bisztricer, Josef Marton533C2R
Gancz, Pepi 133C2R
Adler, Baruch Tzvi Hirsch343C2R
Grunberger, Iszak 383C2R
Rutner, Yehudisabout 403C2R
Gancz, Shalom 93C2R
Fuchs Abrahamovics, Chana Etia 463C2R
Fuchs, Efrayim 453C2R
Rubin, Chana Szosze20s3C2R
Rubin, Reizel 20s3C2R
Bistricer Engel, Riszja Rachel593C2R
Fogel, Yehudis 133C2R
Fogel, Chaim 113C2R
Lebovics, Yosef Eliyahu "Eli" 93C2R
Rutner Veiskopf, Machla 423C2R
Fuchs, Rivka243C2R
Nutovics, Yechiel Mechel163C2R
Nutovics, Jozsef Yehoshua263C2R
Landa, Tzvi203C2R
Landa, Esther163C2R
Landa, Ita153C2R
Landa, Gitza73C2R
Landa, Szimcha113C2R
Muller Stern, Frida323C2R
Muller, Shalom263C2R
Muller, Burech213C2R
Muller, Chaja283C2R
Muller Mauskopf, Laja353C2R
Stauber Muller Kaufman, Yosef YomTovabt 93C2R
Muller Kaufman Stauber, Yisraelabt 143C2R
Muller Kaufman Stauber, Chaimabt 133C2R
Stauber, Burech Shlomo353C2R
Kandel-Taub, Chaim293C2R
Kandel-Taub, Perl173C2R
Kandel-Taub, Hershi193C2R
Kandel-Taub, Leib153C2R
Kandel-Taub, Eliyah263C2R
Lax, Marton393C2R
Herskovics-Breban, Hers103C2R
Herskovics-Breban, Vica83C2R
Herskovics-Breban, Maria53C2R
Herskovics-Breban, Salamon33C2R
Drimmer, Shmuel33C2R
Drimmer, Chaim23C2R
Pinkasovics-Noiman, Mondi193C2R
Pinkasovics-Noiman, Shmilu153C2R
Pinkasovics-Noiman, Shloimi123C2R
Pinkasovics-Noiman, Tobi73C2R
Fogel, Naftula Hers93C2R
Fogel, Etel143C2R
Guttman, Imre63C2R
Steinmetz, Chana Rochel233C2R***
Steinmetz, Chaimabt 83C2R***
Steinmetz, Simcha193C2R***
Steinmetz, Avraham Baruch183C2R***
Farkas, Leah Lina Eleanora383C2R***
Farkas, Malka373C2R***
Farkas, Moshe Yehuda263C2R***
Farkas Iczkovics, Sara333C2R***
Einhorn Edelstein, Szura483C2R***
Einhorn, Rochel343C2R***
Rutner Friedman, Hani Rivka 313C2R***
Kreindler, Moise173C2R***
Kreindler, Hodiayoung child3C2R***
Gotlieb, Moric  34Husband of 3C2R
Muller, Nachman 42Husband of 3C2R
Abrahamovics Majerovics, Gitel 41Wife of 3C2R
Ostreicher Viderman, Malka  abt 45Wife of 3C2R
Simsovics Majerovics, Pepi Perl 30Wife of 3C2R
Viderman, Dvora abt 43Wife of 3C2R
Rosenfeld, Joel Hers 50Husband of 3C2R
Fuchs, Nachmanabout 403C2R's husband
Werzberger Gutman, David393C2R's husband
Einhorn, Berko Dov Ber523C2R's husband
Perl Herman Tzvi563C2R's husband
Fixler, Breindel Berta383C2R's wife
Leah Fuchs
3C2R's wife
Majerovics Bisztricer, Yenta Miriam523C2R's wife
Itzkovitz Adler, Feige ?3C2R's wife
Abrahamovics, Mendel Srul 463C2R's husband
Gross Rutner, Shaindel Feigel 403C2R's wife
Stern, Michel343C2R's husband
Mauskopf, Lipa383C2R's husband
Farkas Kaufman, Piroska283C2R's wife
Kandel, Saraabt 273C2R's wife
Shimel Lax, Helena373C2R's wife
Davidovics-Adler Slomovics, Ita21Half 3C2R
Davidovics, Salamon Shlomo19Half 3C2R
Davidovics, Shabtai19Half 3C2R
Davidovics, Rivka17Half 3C2R
Davidovics, Malka9Half 3C2R
Landa, Meshel6Half 3C2R
Landa, Blima8Half 3C2R
Landa, Dora Devora1Half 3C2R
Rutner Einhorn, Etya abt 603C3R
Rutner, Dovid Eliahu abt 103C3R
Rutner, Lipot Yekutiel Yehuda / Zalmam Leib 593C3R
Rutner, Meita abt 103C3R
Rutner, Menachem Mendel Nechemia abt 103C3R
Rutner, Sara Beila  abt 103C3R
Rutner, Yisrael abt 103C3R
Rutner Brandstein, Sprince513C3R
Rutner Gross, Malka653C3R
Rutner Roth, Yehudis383C3R
Rutner, Chaim613C3R
Rutner, Nachman Nathan733C3R
Rutner, Shlomo Salomon463C3R
Jankelovics Abraham, Henya Helena463C3R
Landa Perl, Sara 563C3R
Rutner, Abraham 443C3R
Rutner Iczkovics, Malka 523C3R
Rutner Kahan, Laja 403C3R
Lefand, Mordechai393C3R
Lefand, Zalman Leib363C3R
Rozsahegyi (Rutner), David603C3R
Rezmuves, Yitzchak Chaim (Herman)543C3R
Rezmuves Berger, Karola Chaya Dina463C3R
Einhorn, Beila493C3R
Spitzer, Miriam543C3R
Spitzer Rezmuves, Ilona Ides403C3R
Spitzer, Nathan Meir323C3R
Einhorn Steinmetz, Leia563C3R
Einhorn, David Gedajla463C3R
Feintuch, Herrman Hersh 813C3R
Feintuch, Nachman 673C3R
Muller Gluck, Feiga463C3R
Muller, Gerson513C3R
Muller Srulovics, Malka343C3R
Muller, Herman Tzvi Meir353C3R
Muller, Rivka Regina323C3R
Rutner, Josef593C3R
Herskovics Rosenberg, Rosa Bluma583C3R
Herskovics-Fleischer, Mozes533C3R
Herkovics Lazarovics, Brana Berta493C3R
Herskovics Basch, Marie373C3R
Grosz Schvarz, Stefania Chana Fajga463C3R
Grosz, Chaim623C3R
Grosz, Marton Mordechai483C3R
Herskovics, Mendel403C3R
Fogel, Benjamin Ezra473C3R
Fogel, Saul Leb413C3R
Klein, Jakob Jankel 673C3R
Muller, Nathan333C3R
Rutner Sandal, Regina Rivka323C3R
Joszovics, Mozes403C3R
Einhorn Einhorn, Feige473C3R***
Stein, Gicza423C3R***
Schwartz Rutner, Sosa 54Wife of 3C3R
Brandstein, Shaya473C3R's husband
Perl, Hers 633C3R's husband
Kahan, Shimshon Yehuda43Husband of 3C3R
Farkash, Rachel Olga593C3R's wife
Neilinger Rutner, Esther443C3R's wife
Weiss Rutner, Chana583C3R's wife
Abraham, Moshe 503C3R's wife
Viezel Rezmuves, Hentso Helen42Wife of 3C3R
Berger, Salamon Jacob49Wife of 3C3R
Veisberger Feintuch, Chaya Sara 783C3R's wife
Lazarovics, Ignacz Yitzchak583C3R's husband
Basch, Majlech483C3R's husband
Gluck, Abraham Juda503C3R's husband
Srulovics, Leib353C3R's husband
Marton, Shmuel Salamonabt 853C3R's husband
Einhorn, Chaim593C3R's husband
Perl Rutner, Frima Chava Frimet 563C3R's wife
Rosenberg, Abraham583C3R's husband
Schvarcz, Salamon Hers503C3R's husband
Einhorn, Jira473C3R's husband
Iczkovics, Juda Volf493C3R's husband
Ickovics Muller, Ita303C3R's wife
Einhorn, Zlata Alta383C3R's wife
Guttman Muller, Hendel493C3R's wife
Frojm Herskovics-Fleischer, Gitel503C3R's wife
Klein Herskovics, Blanka423C3R's wife
Steinmetz Fogel, Liba Ibolya423C3R's wife
Einhorn Joszovics, Rechelabt 353C3R's wife
Katz Rutner, Frida Frimaabt 58Wife of 3C3R***
Biteman Einhorn, Szura47Wife of 3C3R***
Gancz, Mechel Mihaly63Husband of 3C3R***
Lefand, Boris 323C4R
Abrahamovics, Chaja Laja 234C1R
Farkas, Jakob 214C1R
Majerovics, Chajem Lazar 114C1R
Majerovics, Efrayim  24C1R
Majerovics, Esther Itia 74C1R
Majerovics, Miriam Marketa 64C1R
Majerovics, Moshe 104C1R
Majerovics, Mozes 64C1R
Majerovics, Pavel 124C1R
Majerovics, Rivka 44C1R
Majerovics, Tzirel Cili 44C1R
Majerovics, Tzivia 24C1R
Meierovics, Juda  174C1R
Muller, Cecelie  54C1R
Muller, David 74C1R
Muller, Frida 94C1R
Muller, Herzel 154C1R
Muller, Mozes 204C1R
Muller, Ruzena 114C1R
Muller, Vica 174C1R
Rosenfeld, Jakob 284C1R
Rosenfeld, Marton Salamon 224C1R
Rosenfeld, Samuel 294C1R
Vegh, Mihaly 354C1R
Viderman, Frumit ?4C1R
Viderman, Matisya ?4C1R
Viderman, Pinchas ?4C1R
Viderman, Sarah Rachel ?4C1R
Viderman, Uri ?4C1R
Viderman, Uri (son of Moshe & Dvora) ?4C1R
Viderman, Uri (son of Yehuda Tzvi & Malka) ?4C1R
Engel, Asher24C1R
Engel, Nachum44C1R
Engel, Rafael84C1R
Engel, Shalom64C1R
Engel, Yehoshua3 months4C1R
Fixler, Gitel134C1R
Fixler, Miriam Rivka84C1R
Fixler, Moshe Leib104C1R
Fuchs, Chaim Leib34C1R
Fuchs, Etiaabout 204C1R
Fuchs, Mosheabout 34C1R
Fuchs, Moshe Aron44C1R
Fuchs, Reizel54C1R
Fuchs, Sara64C1R
Fuchs, Shabsai84C1R
Fuchs, Yitzchok Eizik Meir84C1R
Moskovics, Etel54C1R
Moskovics, Itzikabout 34C1R
Moskovics, Meyerabout 14C1R
Rosenberg, Moshe Zev94C1R
Rosenberg, Rechel124C1R
Werzberger-Gutman, Avraham114C1R
Werzberger-Gutman, Eidel54C1R
Werzberger-Gutman, Gitel94C1R
Werzberger-Gutman, Shmuel134C1R
Werzberger-Gutman, Yitzchak74C1R
Bisztricer, Mechel 234C1R
Bisztricer, Beila 204C1R
Bisztricer, Leah 104C1R
Einhorn, Miriam Maria154C1R
Einhorn, Chana 124C1R
Einhorn, Marton Samuel Mordechai104C1R
Einhorn, Beila 244C1R
Fogel, Reizel 324C1R
Perl, Marjem 184C1R
Perl, David 154C1R
Perl, Froim 294C1R
Adler, Chaim 74C1R
Adler, Perel 54C1R
Adler, Gershon 24C1R
Veiskopf, Pesia 124C1R
Veiskopf, Sosia Sofi 104C1R
Veiskopf, Michael 84C1R
Rutner, Meir 74C1R
Rutner, Pesel 74C1R
Rutner, Miriam Chana 34C1R
Rutner, Yehudah Dov24C1R
Fuchs, Moshe about 104C1R
Abrahamovics, Golda Blima234C1R
Abrahamovics, Sari 184C1R
Engel Naiman, Risia 294C1R
Zelig Majerovics64C1R
Pepi Majerovics34C1R
Stern, Malka24C1R
Mauskopf, Frida134C1R
Mauskopf, Shalom124C1R
Mauskopf, Mordechai104C1R
Mauskopf, Moshe84C1R
Mauskopf, Yisrael64C1R
Mauskopf, Chaja44C1R
Fuchs-Davidovics, Shlomo214C1R
Fuchs-Davidovics, Shabtai194C1R
Fuchs-Davidovics, Rivka174C1R
Fuchs-Davidovics, Malka 94C1R
Lax, Bindi54C1R
Lax, Ervin104C1R
Grunberger, Meir134C1R***
Grunberger, Aliza84C1R***
Grunberger, Baruch54C1R***
Iczkovics, Chana74C1R***
Iczkovics, David64C1R***
Edelstein, Avraham Baruch164C1R***
Edelstein, Yisrael84C1R***
Majerovics Abrahamovics, Miriam 28Wife of 4C1R
Landau, Simon 284C1R's husband
Rutner, Fani Tzipora 354C2R
Ruttner, Josef 214C2R
Brandstein, Abraham174C2R
Brandstein, Marton144C2R
Brandstein, Meita Magdalena224C2R
Brandstein, Mozis114C2R
Brandstein, Rosa154C2R
Jeger, Abraham Leib344C2R
Jeger, Hene Rivka214C2R
Jeger, Toba204C2R
Rutner Greenzweig, Esther324C2R
Rutner Herskovics, Kreindla374C2R
Rutner Hoffman, Frimit474C2R
Rutner Landa, Malka424C2R
Rutner Lebovics, Rivka Regina354C2R
Rutner Rutner, Zelda274C2R
Rutner, Aharon Mordechai274C2R
Rutner, Avraham Yehuda Leib284C2R
Rutner, David224C2R
Rutner, Dovid244C2R
Rutner, Etia224C2R
Rutner, Gisa234C2R
Rutner, Helena Hermin Hensha334C2R
Rutner, Leizer194C2R
Rutner, Shmuel Moshe204C2R
Rutner, Yaakov114C2R
Rutner, Yitzchak144C2R
Klein, Leizer 314C2R
Klein, Yaakov 274C2R
Klein Kohn, Jita 354C2R
Klein Petenyi, Malka Mali444C2R
Feintuch Steinmetz, Rachel 304C2R
Perl, Ida Ady174C2R
Perl, Shmueli Samuel134C2R
Rutner, Lazar 444C2R
Marton Pikkel, Bracha "Biri"554C2R
Marton, Abraham 554C2R
Mayer Ruttner214C2R
Eliyahu Einhorn, Alter Shmuel young child4C2R
Rutner, Etel 204C2R
Rutner, Markusz 204C2R
Feintuch, Berl Bela484C2R
Feintuch Landa, Yocheved 414C2R
Steinmetz Weisz, Ita 494C2R
Feintuch Gutman, Riva324C2R
Feintuch Handler, Jite384C2R
Kahan, Mozes204C2R
Kahan Sara Sarolta104C2R
Kahan, Chuni84C2R
Lefand, Zinaida (daughter of Alexander/Sender)204C2R
Lefand, Zinaida (daughter of Feivel)184C2R
Lefand, Sofia134C2R
Rozsahegyi, Madi184C2R
Rozsahegyi, Frida184C2R
Rozsahegyi, Ratzi124C2R
Rozsahegyi, Itzi94C2R
Rezmuves, Mendel Volf134C2R
Rezmuves, Mordechai64C2R
Spitzer, Henya244C2R
Steinmetz, Perl294C2R
Steinmetz, Herman224C2R
Einhorn, Shlomo124C2R
Rutner, Avraham Yehuda 284C2R
Rutner, Berko 154C2R
Rutner, Zelda 274C2R
Gluck, Golda184C2R
Gluck, Izrael124C2R
Gluck, Samuel234C2R
Muller, Rochel Leia194C2R
Muller, Ides164C2R
Srulovics, Sura124C2R
Srulovics, Margita Gitel104C2R
Srulovics, Eva Rivka74C2R
Srulovics, Simon64C2R
Muller, Chaya104C2R
Muller, Leizer84C2R
Muller, Rivka64C2R
Muller, Dovid34C2R
Klein, Abraham Isaac414C2R
Marton, Reuven444C2R
Marton, Chajem514C2R
Stern Sajovics, Bracha Biri424C2R
Falikovics Deuts, Chaja Dina Szura334C2R
Einhorn, Judeszteenager4C2R
Einhorn, Hertzel184C2R
Einhorn, Abraham Burech374C2R
Einhorn, Alter364C2R
Einhorn, Elka Baila304C2R
Rosenberg Weis, Ilona Helena Laja344C2R
Rosenberg, Vicze Reiza114C2R
Rosenberg, Majer Jozsef164C2R
Rosenberg, Bernat334C2R
Rosenberg Feierverger, Regina Rachel364C2R
Rosenberg, Aharon Eliyahu214C2R
Rosenberg, Bernat334C2R
Herskovics-Fleischer Izak, Aurelia Alta274C2R
Herskovics-Fleischer, Feiga124C2R
Herskovics-Fleischer, Nosson164C2R
Herskovics-Fleischer, Pinchas Leba104C2R
Herskovics-Fleischer, Yitzchok264C2R
Basch, Izak174C2R
Basch, Kalman Hers134C2R
Basch, Mordechai144C2R
Basch, Izrael114C2R
Basch, Salamon Shlomo54C2R
Basch, Moshe84C2R
Basch, Esther44C2R
Grosz, Avraham Majer144C2R
Grosz, Avraham Majer484C2R
Grosz, Dov Ber Rudolf354C2R
Grosz, Hersi?4C2R
Grosz, Hers344C2R
Grosz Szabo, Chana Feiga304C2R
Schvarcz, Rachel Boczi204C2R
Schvarcz, Ziszi20s4C2R
Schvarcz, Manci184C2R
Grosz Adler, Miriam Manczi284C2R
Fogel, Mozes Moshe Yehudah Leib194C2R
Fogel, Ida Yehudis104C2R
Herskovics, Mozes474C2R
Klein, Simon314C2R
Sandal, Toba54C2R
Sandal, Shmuel34C2R
Joszovics, Froim54C2R
Feintuch, Pepi Piri314C2R***
Grosz, Chajem Ber264C2R***
Einhorn, Berl154C2R***
Einhorn, Baruch Hers194C2R***
Einhorn, Srul254C2R***
Einhorn, Rivka114C2R***
Einhorn, Rivka114C2R***
Sajovics, Cecelie104C2R***
Sajovics, Elias Tzvi54C2R***
Gancz, Chaja Roza?4C2R***
Davidovics Rutner, Henya 24Wife of 4C2R
Eidelstein, Rochel 41Wife of 4C2R
Einhorn Rutner, Ruchel 414C2R, wife of 4C2R
Rutner Eizikovic, Rachel Roza334C2R and wife of 1C3R
Handler, Nandor Nachman  44Husband of 4C2R
Hoffman, Yisraelabout 504C2R's husband
Kohn, Emanuel Pinchas Mendel344C2R's husband
Grosz, Roszi-Alta364C2R & 3C3R's wife
Pikkel, Shlomo Josef564C2R's husband
Berkovits, Daniel36Husband of 4C2R
Lebovics, Leib Lipot53Husband of 4C2R
Rutner, Eidelabout 304C2R's wife
Weisz, Joszef 414C2R's husband
Moskovics Rutner, Feige about 404C2R's wife
Gutman Feintuch, Toibe 394C2R's wife
Deuts, Riven404C2R's husband
Kroo, Izidor364C2R's husband
Marton Marton, Feige Fani434C2R's wife
Majer Marton, Zissel Gizela504C2R's wife
Steinberger Marton, Ella424C2R's wife
Patipya, Benjaminabt 454C2R's wife
Slomovivcs Herskovics, Helena Henyaabt 224C2R's wife
Fixler Iczkovics, Pepiabt 254C2R's wife
Lebovics Grosz, Mindel34Wife of 4C2R***
Jankelovics-Grunberger Rosenberg, Alta Slima40Wife of 4C2R***
Starker, Ede234C3R
Starker, Tibor284C3R
Abrahamovics, Sara 15C
Abrahamovics, Tova 35C
Rutner, Yitzchok  45C1R
Greenzweig, Chaimabout 105C1R
Greenzweig, Elazarabout 105C1R
Greenzweig, Meirabout 105C1R
Herskovics, Berel65C1R
Herskovics, Etia105C1R
Herskovics, Shmuel Moshe85C1R
Herskovics, Zelda125C1R
Hoch, Efrayim14 months5C1R
Hoffman, Eliyahu205C1R
Hoffman, Zelda Zisselabout 205C1R
Landa?, Shmuel Moshe115C1R
Rutner, Shmuel Mosheabout 35C1R
Kohn, Moshele 105C1R
Kohn, Shlomole 85C1R
Pikkel, Berek 335C1R
Pikkel, Sara 195C1R
Rutner, Rochel Rozalia 45C1R
Feintuch, Abraham 85C1R
Feintuch, Yaakov 55C1R
Landa, Simcha 145C1R
Landa, Gizela 145C1R
Landa, Eidel 85C1R
Steinmetz, Josef Marko 195C1R
Weisz, Israel 285C1R
Weisz, Sari 225C1R
Weisz, Beni 175C1R
Weisz, Monashe 165C1R
Weisz, Eizik Eber 145C1R
Weisz, Ester 75C1R
Lebovics, Chajem Hers 125C1R
Lebovics, Nachman 105C1R
Lebovics, Ida 95C1R
Lebovics, Salamon 75C1R
Lebovics, Blima 55C1R
Naiman, Kreindel 45C1R
Naiman, Miriam 25C1R
Naiman, Efrayim 15C1R
Handler, Olga35C1R
Handler, (Toddler)Toddler5C1R
Handler, (Infant)Infant5C1R
Klein, Yosef115C1R
Klein, Helena Eva Chava85C1R
Klein Klein, Sarichild5C1R
Marton, Malka215C1R
Marton, Malka Matild515C1R
Marton, Herman235C1R
Marton, Oskar145C1R
Marton, Olga105C1R
Marton, Eduard75C1R
Marton, Rifkah65C1R
Marton, Janku55C1R
Marton, Bela Berl Vojtech165C1R
Marton, Berko195C1R
Sajovics, Jakob195C1R
Sajovics, Alter145C1R
Sajovics, Gitel135C1R
Sajovics, Sara Baila Bella85C1R
Sajovics, Yehoshua Meir125C1R
Sajovics, Markus155C1R
Einhorn, Judesz65C1R
Einhorn, Vilul(?)45C1R
Weis, Martin Majer95C1R
Weis, Aron Elias75C1R
Weis, Mojzis55C1R
Feierverger, Vita Reitze145C1R
Feierverger, Gita165C1R
Izak, Dovid55C1R
Grosz, Yankel Jeno Evzen95C1R
Grosz, Miriam Maryke65C1R
Grosz, Sruliyoung child5C1R
Grosz, Avraham Meiryoung child5C1R
Grosz, Itayoung child5C1R
Szabo, Evi Leah75C1R
Szabo, Mordechai Muki55C1R
Szabo, Eszteryoung child5C1R
Adler, Vera45C1R
Adler, Susan25C1R
Herskovics, Chajachild5C1R
Herskovics, Matichild5C1R
Herskovics, Feiga Fani255C1R
Herskovics, Chajem Leizer145C1R
Herskovics, Cevja115C1R
Herskovics, Frida105C1R
Iczkovics, Moshe Manfred55C1R
Iczkovics, Abraham15C1R
Kroo, Eszter Tobe abt 55C1R
Kroo, Agataabt 65C1R
Jager-Gutman, Yitzchok 35C1R
Einhorn, Chaim Yaakovchild5C1R***
Rutner, Szerena75C1R***
Grosz, Menachem75C1R***
Grosz, Chaje Szura65C1R***
Rosenberg, Aron Elias55C1R***
Fixler Pikkel, Tirtza 325C1R's wife
Sajovics, Zechariya505C2R's husband
Pikkel, Rochel 86C
Pikkel, Don 66C
Berkovics, Moshe106C

May their memories be for a blessing.  יהי זכרם ברוך.

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  1. May their memories be for a blessing. Sad to see your numbers increasing but at the same time, you're keeping their names alive for future generations.