Thursday, February 4, 2016

Following the Breadcrumbs....

I recently discovered on my great-great grandmother's delayed marriage record that she was born in the town of Felso-Nereszmieze in 1866.  Was this an estimate or was this exact?  This clue led me to discovering more records--and my great-great-great grandmother's maiden name.
Ruchel Fux Birth Record, 1866

There it was--the birth of my great-great grandmother Ruchel Fux in Felso-Nereszmieze, Austria-Hungary (today Novoselytsya, Ukraine).  Ruchel Fux was born to Hers and Malko, on December 12, 1866.  No maiden name was given for her mother.

However, Ruchel had sisters whose births were registered too.  Any clues there?
Etya Fux Birth, 1863
On December 30, 1863, Etye Fux was born to Hers Fux and Malke Wizel.  My great-great-great grandmother's maiden name!  And we have a second source to back that up:
Eidl Fux Birth, 1875
On March 15, 1875, Eitl Fux was born to Hers Fux and Malke Viszl.

Nobel Prize-winning Elie Wiesel was from the vicinity.  Perhaps we are distant cousins?

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