Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sonia Diamond's C-File

I sent away to USCIS for my grandmother's C-File.  I got it in the mail--along with a note that she had an A-File as well, and they will get it to me eventually.  Meanwhile, here's her C-File!

Her Declaration of Intention has her as both Diment and Diamond and has her born in Luck, Poland (now Lutsk, Ukraine).  She was actually born in nearby Horochov, but it was in the Lutsk District of Volhynia.  It has a wonderful picture of her, as well as her signature with both versions of the surname.
Sonia Diamond's Declaration of Intention

Sonia Diamond, Statement of Facts for Petition for Naturalization, Page 1
There was also a form to prepare to make her final petition for naturalization, talking through her vital statistics and listing her two (at the time children), including my father.  I'm not familiar with her witnesses, Yetta Kruger and Meyer Baer, but perhaps a relative who reads this post may know their connection to the family.
Sonia Diamond, Statement of Facts for Petition for Naturalization, Page2
The second page of the petition preparation lists her parents' names--Abraham and Sheva (Fine) Bajch.  She notes coming with my grandfather (Pejsach/Paul), her mother Sheva, and her sister-in-law and brother-in-law Dvora (nee Diamond) and Benjamin Schuster.
Sonia Diamond Petition for Naturalization
Her actual petition echos the information on the preparation document and contains her signature.
Sonia Diamond Naturalization - Witness Affidavits
Her witnesses attested that they knew her.  She was examined and found to speak, read, and write English, and she had a school certificate.
Sonia Diamond's Application to File Petition for Naturalization, Page 1
On my grandmother's application to file a petition for naturalization, she listed the 5 addresses at which she had lived since coming to the US six years earlier.  They moved to several locations, all in the downtown Baltimore area.  She had also held two jobs as a hand finisher for a clothing company and a coat company.
Sonia Diamond's Application to File Petition for Naturalization, Page2
She was also active in the Newcomers' Club of Baltimore and Pioneer Woman--the second of which was active in her entire life.
Sonia Diamond Photo
And finally, I have her Certificate of Naturalization, complete with another photo!
Sonia Diamond Certificate of Naturalization
Now I just have to be patient and wait to see what else will be in her A-File!

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  1. Wow....what a find! I will now try to obtain this paperwork on my grandparents. Very interesting and I can only imagine your adrenaline level is soaring.

  2. Fantastic! How long did it take for USCIS to provide the docs?

    1. Nearly a year between the index search and the actual documents.

  3. What is the A file? Did the USCIS charge? How much? TY

    1. The different costs and types of files are all covered here: