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Malka Vizel Fuchs's Parents--Compiling the Clues to Find my 4th Great Grandparents.

Last week, I wrote about how I found a death record for a woman who may have been my great-great-great grandmother, but I wasn't sure it was her.  I was pretty sure I was out of data to prove or disprove that fact, and I was asking for guidance.

Well, turns out I found the data--some of which I already had and some of which I just discovered.
Malka Vizel's Death Record; 1896

So let's look at Malka's death record again.  Important information includes:
  1. Name: Malka Vizel
  2. Husband's name: the late Smilyi Berkovics
  3. Residence & Death location: Felso-Nerisznicze (today's Novoselytsya, Ukraine)
  4. Birth location: Nagy-Kirva (today's Kryva, Ukraine)
  5. Age at death: 65
  6. Date of death: 8 June 1896 (implying birth around 1830/1831)
As discussed in the earlier post, all of those pieces of information match what I know of my great-great-great grandmother, with the exception of the husband's name.  My great-great-great grandfather was (Baruch) Hers Fuchs/Fux.  But everything else matched--so perhaps she had remarried after Baruch Hers' death?

The parents' names on this certificate are Eizik and Eidl Vizel.  The earlier post showed the birth record of Eitl to Malka and (Boruch) Hers.  And I just found the following delayed birth record:
Delayed Birth Registration of Eizik Fux
In September 1930, Eizik Fux's ~1856 birth was registered.  His parents are given as Burech Hers Fux and Malka Viezel of Novoselice (Novoselytsya).  Malka's age of 27 would have her born around 1829 (vice the 1830/1831 estimate of Malka Vizel's death record), which is close enough (many of these records have people losing years between subsequent children's births).

So it looks like Baruch Hers and Malka had children named Eitl and Eizik--the same as the parents of the woman on the death certificate.  This had me leaning towards the conclusion that this was the same Malka.  But then I looked back at what I already had, and I was sure:
Signature on Malka Viezel's Death Certificate
Malka's death was reported by Marku Jankelavics.  And who was this?
Eidla Jankelovics Birth, 1903
Eidla Jankelovics was born in 1903--to Marku Jankelovics and (Toba) Rifka Fux--daughter of Baruch Hers and Malka.  And look at Marku's signature on her birth record:
Signature on Eidla Jankelovics' Certificate
So it looks like the death of Malka Vizel (widow of Smilyi Berkovics) was reported by my Malka Vizel's son-in-law.  So it looks like this was my great-great-great grandmother's death record.  Which means I know know my 4th great grandparents' names--Eizik and Eidl Vizel.  I also have a new town to research, Nagy-Kirva!

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  1. This is incredible research! I've had no luck finding records for my Galician-born great-grandparents, let alone earlier generations, so I am very impressed by (and envious of) your research.