Sunday, February 7, 2016

TapGenes--Family Health Information

While at RootsTech, two of my worlds collided--the genealogy world and that of hereditary health issues.  RootsTech holds their Innovator Showdown each year, in which various genealogy-related technology products compete for $100,000 in cash and prizes.  There were some really interesting products which I blogged about during RootsTech, but one of the products really struck home for me--TapGenes.

TapGenes allows you to collect your family's medical history in one place and can flag conditions for which you may be at risk, allowing you to have a conversation with your doctor.  My personal experience with finding out I was BRCA+ because of genealogy--and therefore finding cancer at an early stage--showed me the importance of leveraging family information to give people knowledge to empower their medical decisions.

TapGenes allows users to securely and simply store and share (as they require) their family health information.  As genealogists, we're essentially compiling a family medical history when we obtain death certificates, so having a tool from which that information can be leveraged and help ourselves and our living family members is critical.  TapGenes fills that need.

I was thrilled when TapGenes won first place--and I encourage everyone to try it out and find out about their family medical history.  That knowledge can truly save your life--it did mine.

(Note that you can see my entire RootsTech 2016 collection here.) 

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  1. Thank you Lara for your kind words and for supporting TapGenes! I'm glad we had the opportunity to meet at RootsTech & appreciate you taking the time to share your story with us.

  2. Such an important and life saving exoerience for you. So glad you are ok now!