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Chaim Mordechai Rutner (And his Rutner and Adler sons)

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There were two Chaim Mordechai Rutners in Kolodne.  One was the brother of my great-great grandfather Shmuel Moshe (there were also two Shmuel Moshe Rutners in Kolodne--and the other Shmuel Moshe was a brother to the other Chaim Mordechai).  The Chaim Mordechai I'm discussing here was born to my great-great-great grandfather Mendel and his wife Ita Farkas around 1857 and died on May 20, 1920 in Dulfalva (now Dulovo, Subcarpathian Ukraine); he was the brother of my great-great grandfather.
Death of Chajem Rutner, 1920
Chaim Mordechai had at least five sons with his wife Pessel Adler; at least one son used the Adler surname.
  1. Ezra (1878-1911)
  2. David (1883-1924)
  3. Lazar Adler (1891-?)
  4. Hermann (1896-1897)
  5. Mendel (1903-?)
I have no mention of Mendel after his birth, and Hermann died as an infant.  I wrote about Ezra and his family previously.

So what about David and Lazar?

David Rutner

David was born around 1883.  In 1902 at the age of 18, he went to America, joining his nephew David Fuchs in New York.  (I have no info about David Fuchs.  Anyone?)
David Rutner Ship Manifest; 1902
He didn't stay in the US very long--by 1907 he had children being born in Dulovo.
  1. Berta (1907-1909)
  2. Mendel (1909-Holocaust)
  3. Reiza (1912-1915)
  4. Ezra (1914-?)
  5. Chaim (1922-?)
I found a page of testimony on Mendel which notes that he was killed in the Holocaust; it says that he was married and had a 3-year-old son who was also killed in the Holocaust, but no name was given for this child.  As for Ezra and Chaim, I just don't know.  Perhaps they had families in another town for which I don't (yet) have records.

Lazar Rutner Adler

Lazar (Leizer) Adler (Rutner) married Roza (Rechel) Katz in 1916.  Note that Lazar/Leizer was using his mother's surname, but his father's surname was mentioned as well.  This wasn't too uncommon in the area.
Marriage of Lazar Adler to Roza Katz
I only have record of one child born to Lazar; Lazar was on the birth record using his mother's surname.  Note that this child was born only a month after his parents' marriage; it's likely that Lazar and Roza were religiously married earlier but only registered their marriage with the civil authorities shortly before their son's birth.

Bernat/Burech Adler Birth
Bernat/Burech Adler was born in August 1916 to Lazar Adler and Roza Katz, in Dulfalva (now Dulovo).

And that's all I know.  Perhaps the Adler branch moved to another town for which I don't have records.  Perhaps they emigrated.  Perhaps someone who knows will read this post at some point (please??).  Hopefully to be continued!
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  1. David Rutner didn't stay in America very long? That seems a little unusual, at least by the standards of the families I've been researching. Many left Eastern Europe/Russia to keep young men out of the army or to escape pogroms. So what did David Rutner do for a living? How did he live?

    1. It was actually surprisingly common among men from this town. Many of them (including my own great grandfather) came to America for 1-3 years before heading back. Some ended up coming back to the US with their families, but many never returned.

      David Rutner was a farmer, so I don't know what he did in the US. And he wasn't there over a census year, so it's kind of a black hole.