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Some Rutners Post-Holocaust

A few weeks back, I wrote about my great-grandmother's first cousin Ezra Rutner and his children and grandchildren--most of whom were killed in the Holocaust.  But some did survive, and I found reference to them in some documents newly online and searchable via Yad Vashem's database for the Soviet Extraordinary State Commission (under "Lists of Persecuted Persons").
David Rutner Post-WWII

Ezra's son David survived; I wrote last week about how he ended up in New York where he died.  But in 1946, he was still in Europe and filled out the above document.  (Thank you to Natalia Kontio on the Genealogy Translations Facebook group for this translation.)
Act # 208. From April 1, 1946.
We undersigned members of committee Chernova, Suran, Kalinov in the presence of witnesses Klain Faina and Fuks Adolf, comprise this act that during German-Fascist occupation Mr Rutner David son of Ezra and his family who lived in town Mukachevo, Telianova Street #9 has the following losses:

Gold and silver/ 8 ps. /value 15000 in rubles.
Man's suit 3 ps./4,500 rb.
Woman's suit 1ps/1,500 rb.
Woman's dress 5 ps = 400 rb.
Coat 2 ps=4000 rb.
Underwear 12ps=1,200
Pillowcase 16ps=3200
Furniture, kitchenware, etc. all together another 37,600 rubles.

All this was lost/or taken: all this was lost in 1944 after forced evacuation by Hungarian occupants.
It seems that in addition to Tova, the daughter of Avraham Cik and Ruchlya Rutner who I mentioned in my previous post, another daughter survived.
Yolana Rutner, Post WWII
Jolana (daughter of Avraham) Rutner also filled out a similar form.  She resided at the same address as her uncle David and also filled out things that were lost during the war.  I do not know what happened to her after 1946.

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