Tuesday, August 9, 2016

IAJGS2016, Day 3

I'll be blogging all week--you'll be able to see all my posts on IAJGS2016 here.

Ukraine SIG meeting.  Janette Silverman talked about the massive amounts of documents that Ukraine SIG has recently procured from the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People (CAHJP).  She talked about the wonderful response of her request for donations to help fund acquiring these documents.
Janette Silverman Updating about Ukraine SIG

I nearly had a heart attack when she scrolled through a spreadsheet of these recently-acquired records--which included an 1850 census of Krasnoye.  I've not seen any census of this town, and many or most were thought to be destroyed in the Kamenets-Podolski archive fire.  I've had several experienced researchers check for them, and while vital records were found, there were no censuses.  I'm beyond excited!

I met up with two blog readers--shout out to Jessica & Laura!

I also introduced Israel Pickholtz's talk; as he joked, I have seen this particular talk so often that I could practically give it.

Then I listened to Nadia Lipes and Alexei Lipies speak about various documents available in Ukraine archives. 
Alex & Nadia Lipes

They talked about Dustin Hoffman's episode on "Finding Your Roots," and showed that it was full of errors.  They used his family to demonstrate how to trace your family back from the US into Ukraine and traced his family back.

They talked about how you needed to know the town of registration, since in the Russian Empire, people were enumerated where they were registered--not necessarily where they lived.  As it was quite difficult and expensive to change registration, it can be hard to figure out where people were enumerated.

She showed what revision lists looked like (you can see an example from my own family here).  She also showed various types of army documents.

She also talked about educational records, especially if someone went to a Russian Empire university.

Then I went (late) to the Mogilev-Podolsky BOF and caught the end of a talk about an area DNA program.

Now I'm upstairs on the 25th floor listening to a protest march being held right below the hotel.  The chanting is clear all the way up in the hotel room!  I think I'll stay inside tonight.

I'm speaking Wednesday at 4:30.  If you're at the conference, come by and listen and then say hi!

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  1. good work done here in wet city.

  2. Do you have more info. on these Ukrainian records (what/where they are & how to access them)?

  3. None have been transcribed as of yet. Janette will send out an email to the UkraineSIG mailing list shortly with a list of what was acquired, but people will need to work to get them translated/transcribed to be searchable on JewishGen.

    All of the newly-acquired data has been added to appropriate UkraineSIG town pages, so you can check your particular towns of interest to see if data has been acquired.

    1. Would I check for that on JewishGen?

    2. Go to http://www.jewishgen.org/Ukraine/ and on the top right where it says "Town search" enter your town. Go to the town's page, and you'll see a list of projects.

  4. My great grandmother was a Holtzman and my great grandfather and Eiseman. They came from Kamenets Poldosk in 1904-06 to America. I was just researching my history. If you have any information I would love to hear.