Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Ukraine Trip Post #12--Day 9 (September 9, 2016), Part 1

(To see everything from my Ukraine trip, see here.)

On Friday, we toured around Lviv, which is a beautiful city with a ton of history.
In Lviv

There were fragments of Lviv's Jewish past all over.

Note the Yiddish writing on this restaurant

Lviv had a huge, thriving pre-war Jewish community.  When the Nazis came in, the vast majority of the shuls (synagogues) were blown up.  One of those was the shul (the Golden Rose) associated with my 10th great grandfather, Rabbi Dovid HaLevi Segal, also known as the Ta"Z (after the commentary he wrote called the Turei Zahav).  Only bits of the building which had survived for nearly 400 years  until the Nazis came survives.
Remnants of the Golden Rose Synagogue
The Sunday before I took this photo, a memorial to the Jewish community of Lviv had been dedicated, called "The Space of Synagogues."
Part of the "Spaces of Synagogues"
Right next to the Golden Rose Shul stands the 16th century City Arsenal.
City Arsenal
A great landmark in central Lviv is the spectacular Opera House.
Lviv Opera House
After a morning wandering around, I met back up with Alex, and he showed me around more of old Jewish Lviv.  Stay tuned....

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  1. When I was there thirteen years ago, we stayed at the Grand Hotel, quite near the Opera House.

  2. Oh so interesting! It is so amazing you have been able to trace back to you 10th great grandfather!