Thursday, November 10, 2016

Ukraine Trip Post #13--Day 9 (September 9, 2016), Part 2

(To see everything from my Ukraine trip, see here.)

As mentioned in my previous post, my 10th great grandfather (Dovid HaLevi Segal "The Ta'Z) lived in Lviv.  He was buried in the old cemetery--which was entirely razed and covered over by the Nazis and then the Soviets.  It is currently the site of a huge market.
Lviv's Old Jewish Cemetery :(

I met up with Alex that afternoon, and he took me to the courtyard of the former Rappaport Jewish Hospital, adjacent to the market/former cemetery.  In that courtyard is a plaque mentioning some of the famous people who had been buried there--including my 10th great grandfather, Dovid Halevi Segal.

2nd entry is for "Dovid son of Shmuel the Levite of Blessed Memory; Author of the book 'Turei Zahav,' chief Rabbi of Lvov, died in the year 1667"
Also in that courtyard are fragments of tombstones that have turned up in various places over the years.
Fragments of stones from the Lviv Cemetery
The Rappaport Hospital itself was formerly owned and run by the Jewish community.  The building still stands and today is a hospital specializing in obstetrics.
Rappaport Jewish Hospital
All over Lviv are plaques denoting where Jewish institutions used to be before they were destroyed by the Nazis.

We passed by the home/business where Joe Nathanson's mother lived; Joe was until recently the Secretary of the Jewish Genealogy Society of Maryland.  In case you can't tell, his family sold hats!
Joe Nathanson's mother's family home/store
The famous Yiddish author Shalom Aleichem lived in Lviv for a time; the building he lived in still stands.
Shalom Aleichem's Lviv Home
Lviv truly looks like the Austro-Hungarian town it once was.
In Lviv
There are lots of outdoor cafes and entertainment.
In Lviv
Eventually, I had to head back to the hotel to get ready for Shabbos, and then we flew out on Sunday morning.
In Lviv

My final trip-related post will wrap things up, answer questions I've received, and discuss things that helped on this trip and things I would have done differently.  So stay tuned!

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  1. Joe Nathanson's mother is a Pikholz.

  2. A hospital right next to a cemetery? Doesn't say much about the hospital's quality :p

  3. Those broken, scattered stones are heartbreaking. When we were in Tarnobrzeg in 2015, the old cemetery had also been paved over for a market. The shul was now the library with only a small plaque on one side noting that it had once been a synagogue. It was devastating to think about what had been there when my great-grandparents lived there and what has been lost forever.

  4. It has been wonderful to follow your journey. I look forward to the post-trip thoughts & reflections. I recently discovered Rappaports in my family --- wonder if there is any connection?!

  5. I've enjoyed following your journey and look forward to your post-trip thoughts & reflections. I recently discovered Rappaports in my family --- wonder if there is any connection?!

  6. Is this Segal relative from your mom's or dad's side?

  7. Lara, where you able to find any Death records for the people buried in the destroyed cemetery or the Janivski Jewish cemetery? I was in Lviv in 2006 and could not find anything. So much lose!

    1. I didn't look, since my ancestors from there died 400+ years ago. I'd suggest looking to see what Gesher Galicia has.