Monday, November 30, 2015

Ita Farkas Rutner's Death, Another Generation, and Her Gravestone

I knew that my great-great-great grandmother was Itta Farkas Rutner, since her name was given on her son Shmuel Moshe Rutner's birth record.  But that's all I knew--until now.
Ita Farkas Ruttner Death Record, 1914

The widow of Mendel Ruttner, Ita Farkas of Darva (now Kolodne, Ukraine) died on March 18, 1914 at 5PM.  The death was reported the next day.  She was 86 years old, implying a birth around 1828; she died of old age.

Her mother's name was unknown, but her father is given as the late Mozes Farkas--my 4th great grandfather, whose name I didn't know prior.  The record is signed by Mozes Rutner--Ita's son and my great-great grandfather Shmuel Moshe.  I recognize his signature from some documents that were brought with his son Abraham/Adolph to America.

If that wasn't enough, I remembered helping to transcribe the graves still remaining in Kolodne.  Most of them were made of porous material, and they weren't legible.  But some were.
Ita Farkas Rutner Grave
"A modest woman Mrs Ita daughter of Mrs Shmuel Moshe, died on the 21st day of Adar 56??.  May her soul dwell in everlasting life."

I'd transcribed a grave for a woman named Ita whose father was Shmuel Moshe.  No last name was given, and I remember wondering if this was my Ita Farkas Rutner.  The date of death on the tombstone was the 21st of Adar, but I couldn't make out the year.

When was the 21st of Adar in 1914?  It began the evening of March 18.  So this confirms that Ita Farkas' gravestone is still (somewhat) legible.  And it also confirms that his full Hebrew name was Shmuel Moshe.  I'd had my great-great-great grandmother's gravestone photo for over two years!

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