Thursday, November 5, 2015

Zubaty Family Overview

In multiple earlier posts, I've showed various revision lists with Zubaty families in Buki and Uman.  It seems like there are five distinct families here (likely all stemming from one couple 1-2 generations further back), with some of the notations on the census giving mention to connections between some of the families.  The following is what I've extracted from these records.  Information is from the revision lists of 1795, 1818, 1851 and 1858.
Zubaty Families from Buki & Uman areas

No town of origin is given for any of these families except Family #5 (headed by Zus son of Aron and his wife Chaya).  They changed their registration from Sokolovka in the Uman district to Buki.

In both the 1851 and 1858 lists, Aryeh-Leib son of Itzko Zubaty (in Family #3) was noted as being a cousin of Shlomon Zalman son of Srul Zubaty (in Family #4), but the exact cousin relationship isn't spelled out.

Brothers Aryeh-Leib and Yankel-Bir, sons of Itzko Zubaty (in Family #3) are noted as being nephews or cousins of Moshko son of Evel (in Family #1).

My assumption (but not yet enough evidence for real proof) is that Michel son of Itzko, son of Shevel, son of Evel in Family #1 is also the father of Max Zoupcoff.  And I still have no knowledge of how Max was related to the Zubkis family.

Are you related to this family?  Please contact me.  I have information for you, and I'd love to do a DNA comparison to see if we're related.

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