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The Homesteading Sinchers - Isaac

Last month, I discovered that two Sanshuck brothers, William (Velvel) and Isaac, left Krasnoye and came to America and changed their last name to Sincher.  Their wives later joined them in Denver.  Looking into this family a bit more, I discovered there were actually four Sanshuck/Sincher brothers--the other two were David and Morris (Meilach).  When the brothers first immigrated, they were living in Laramie County (perhaps in my honor?), Wyoming--and were homesteading.  This must have been quite a change from their lives in the Russian Empire!

The brothers all settled close to one another in Wyoming, but eventually they migrated to very different parts of the United States, so I'm going to take a look at each of them.

Isaac Sincher came to the United States in 1911 (as discussed here) and was living in Wyoming at least as early as 1918, when the newspaper announced his draft number.
Wheatland (Wyoming) World no. 49 October 04, 1918, page 8
And indeed, Isaac had registered for the draft less than a month earlier:

Isaac Sincher; WWI Draft Registration
This draft card confirms that he is from "Krasnoe, Podolsk, Russia," today's Krasnoye, Vinnitsa, Ukraine.  He was a farmer who had first papers, blue eyes and black hair, and lived six miles outside of Guernsey, Wyoming.  I don't know that he ever served in the military, though.

Guernsey Gazette; June 06, 1919; page 8
In 1919, Isaac and Morris Sincher each submitted their intention to claim homesteads in Guernsey, Wyoming.  And a few years later, the claim became official:
Land Grant; Isaak Sincher; 1923
And while Isaac was indeed living in Wyoming in the 1920 census, when his wife and daughters came to join him in 1922, as discussed previously, they were joining him in Denver, not Cheyenne or Guernsey.

Isaac is actually enumerated twice in the 1930 census--in two very different parts of the country.
1930 United States Census; Denver, CO; Sincher Family
Isaac and Tillie Sincher were enumerated living with their daughters Sarah and Jennie in Denver.  But then I found this one:
1930 United States Census; Denver, CO; Sincher Family
Isaac was enumerated living Joe and Sophie Marcus and their children.  This Isaac was the right age, right profession--but in a confusing geographic location.  I looked into the Marcus family--and it turns out that Sophie was a Sanshuck!  I have a list of NYC vital records to get on that family when I go to RootsTech in February, at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.

The family must have been in the process of moving across the country at the time the census was taken, as by 1932, both girls married--on the same day--in Brooklyn.  According to ItalianGen's marriage index, Sarah (as Sonia) married Harry Feder and Jennie married Paul Winograd, both on June 19, 1932.  Those marriage certificates are on my RootsTech list.

Isaac and Tillie were still living in Brooklyn in the 1940 census; Isaac died in August 1968.  I requested his death certificate from NYC, but because of stupid new rules, since I'm not a direct descendant, I wasn't allowed to get it.  I was hoping to get his parents' names as well as a grave location to see his tombstone.  But I then ordered his SS5 which gave his parents' names--his father was Leib Sanshuck, and his mother was Reizel Bilkovsky.  Showed you, NYC Vital Records people!
Isaac Sincher SS5

So while I was hopeful that this was my great-great-great grandfather Leib, the wife doesn't match up.  While it's possible that this was a second wife (and his first wife, Rochel Brandman had died), the naming patterns for my great grandmother's sisters don't match up.  Rose Supkoff (daughter of Yeshaya Supkoff and Zlata Tzipra Sanshuck Supkoff) was born in 1902--but there were at least 3 girls born before her, and I would have expected one of those to have been named for a deceased grandmother, had she been deceased.

I don't yet know how the two Leib Sanshucks from Krasnoye are related, but I'm still working on that one!

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