Monday, November 30, 2015

Chromosome Analytics--My Guest Post

As some of my relatives whom I've begged nicely asked to take DNA tests can attest, Israel Pickholtz of the All My Foreparents blog and author of the only book out there on Jewish DNA analysis has inspired me to leverage DNA testing to forward my only family's genealogy.

A few weeks ago, he published a post looking at the differences in the amounts of shared DNA expected and that seen between those with Jewish DNA; he also demonstrated how much siblings' matches can differ.  I now am administering enough kits that I decided to do a similar analysis.
Interested in the analysis?  It's a guest post on All My Foreparents--take a look here.  And while you're there, check out the other posts.  I find this one of the best-reasoned genealogy blogs out there.

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  1. I am getting motivated to make 2016 the year of getting cousins (mine and my husband's) to have their DNA tested. These kinds of blog posts should help explain to these relatives why I want their DNA. Thanks for sharing!