Sunday, July 28, 2013

Census Sunday - Zutelman Family in 1850 Russian Empire Census

Zutelman Family, 1850 Russian Empire Revision List; Source: State Archive of Zhytomyr Oblast; Fond 118, opys 14, file 3, pages 684-685
This is the 1850 Revision List (Russian Empire version of a census) for the Zutelman family in the town of Boremel, in what is now Rivnens'ka Oblast, Ukraine, located here.  The left page are the males in the family; the right side lists the females.

The 33-year old (column beginning 17 is the age during the previous revision list) is my great-great-great grandfather, Pesach Hirsch Menusovich (son of Menashe) Zutelman.  Directly across is his wife, 30-year-old Sima Rivka, my great-great-great grandmother.

Living with them are:
  • Pesach Hirsh's brother, Efraim Yankel, aged 31
    • Efraim Yankel's wife Sima, aged 29
    • Efraim Yankel's daughters Gita (age 7) and Manya (age 3)
  • Pesach Hirsh's nephew Dovid Hirsh (son of Yankel) Shnaider, aged 40
    • Dovid Hirsh's wife Basya Leah, aged 38
    • Dovid Hirsh's son Nachman, aged 16
    • Dovid Hirsh's son Menashe (had been recruited in 1850)
  • Pesach Hirsh's nephew Hersh (son of Leib) Geller, aged 46
    • Hersh's wife Liba, aged 45
    • Hersh's daughter Rivka, aged 16
Later in 1850, Pesach Hirsh & Sima Rivka would have a child Yechiel, who would become my great-great grandfather, Yechiel Suttleman.


  1. I have only followed your blog for a short time, so perhaps you already mentioned this - where and how did you obtain these records and images? My husband has an immigrant ancestor from Zhytomir and it would be interesting to see if there are records for the family before they emigrated.

    1. Elizabeth--it looks like there are still a lot of records for Zhytomir proper. Look at for a list of some of the records that supposedly still exist. You'll have to work with a local (or go yourself!) to search those records.

      Many of the records I have found on microfilm--but it doesn't look like there are microfilmed records from Zhytomir proper. I checked at .