Sunday, July 21, 2013

Moshe Dovid Fine: Ancestor Deep Dive

Moshe Dovid Fine was my great-great grandfather.
Moshe Dovid Fine; this picture was saved from a pile of garbage in the destroyed ghetto by his granddaughter, Sonia Beitch
He was born around 1862 to Yechiel Mechel Fine; I haven't (yet) discovered his mother's name.  He had at least two brothers, Tanchan & Mechel; the fact that Mechel has the same name as his father implies that Yechiel Mechel died before that son was born (or that my grandmother misremembered a name).

Moshe Dovid was married to Devorah Garber.  They had at least 4 children:
  1. Sara, born about 1891; later married Yosef Wollich
  2. Bat-Sheva Fine (my great-grandmother), born 1895 in Shklyn, Ukraine (near Horochov); later married Avraham Tzvi Bajcz/Baich
  3. Baila Fine, born about 1897
  4. Mordechai "Motke" Fine, died before 1920.  Mordechai Fine came to the United States from Russia, but because he was diabetic, he was sent back to Russia.  When he returned, he was drafted into the Czar's Army.  Because he did not have a controlled diet, he became very ill and was sent back to his family to die.
Moshe Dovid was moved to the Senkevychivka Ghetto with his daughters and their families.  He was killed by the Nazis in October 1942, aged around 80.


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