Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday - Memorial for Holocaust Victims

This is the back of my grandfather Paul Diamond's tombstone in Beth Tfiloh Cemetery in Baltimore, Maryland.  It gives a place to remember those who didn't have the "luxury" of a grave; all were killed when the ghetto in Senkevychivka, Ukraine was liquidated in 1942.  The names are:
  • Avraham Tzvi son of Hillel (my grandfather's father, Avraham Tzvi Diamond)
  • Tzivia daughter of Yechiel (my grandfather's mother, Tzivia Suttleman Diamond)
  • Kreina daughter of Avraham Tzvi (my grandfather's sister, Kreina Diamond Mazurik)
  • Shlomo son of Avraham Tzvi (my grandfather's brother, Shlomo Diamond)
  • Avraham Bar Tzvi (my grandmother's father, Avraham Beitch)
  • Malia daughter of Avraham (my grandmother's sister, Malia Beitch)
  • Moshe Dovid (my grandmother's grandfather, Moshe Dovid Fine)
  • Beila daughter of Moshe Dovid (my grandmother's aunt, Beila Fine)
  • Sara daughter of Moshe Dovid and her family (my grandmother's aunt Sara Fine Wollich, husband Yosef, children Moshe Wollich and Cheike Wollich Chechman and Cheike's daughter Devorah

18th of Tishrei 5703 (October 14, 1942)

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