Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kreina Diamond Mazurik

Kreina Diamant Mazurik was my grandfather's older sister.
Kreina Diamant Mazurik
She was born around 1916 in what's now Biscupice, Ukraine, in the Volhynia area, to Avrohom Tzvi and Tzivia (nee Suttleman) Diamant.  She was named after Tzivia's mother Kreina.

She married David Mazurik, and they moved to the Rovno area (currently Rivne, Ukraine).  Their daughter Rivka was born around 1937; Rivka may have been named for Kreina's great grandmother Sima Rivka Zutelman.

Kreina, David, and little Rivka were all murdered by the Nazis in 1942.  The above picture is the only known surviving picture of any of that family.

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