Saturday, December 19, 2015

Chaim Joshowitz's Signature--Kind Of

My great-great grandfather was Chaim Joshowitz.  I saw his name as the source of information for the death record for his sister-in-law Basha Eizikovics Lebovics and got excited--all of the other death records I'd been looking at for Kolodne had the signature of the person who reported a death!
Death Record for Basha Eizikovics Lebovics; Kolodne; 1905

Bashe (here "Beeza") Eizikovics Lebovics died on July 1, 1905 in Kolodne (then Darva), Austria-Hungary at the age of 35, in childbirth.  Her parents were given as Hershko and Riza Markovics--the first names similar to the death record of her sister Mindel (my great-great grandmother), but a different mother's maiden name.  Hershko was a merchant; her husband Sije (Shia) was an innkeeper.

And what about Chaim Joshowitz's signature?
Chaim Joshowitz's "signature"
Three x's.  Was he illiterate?  Possibly.  Or perhaps he only wrote Yiddish and not Hungarian.  As I go through more documents, perhaps I'll find an actual signature, or perhaps this is it!
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