Sunday, December 27, 2015

Mazal tov, it's a (63-year-old) boy!

My great-great grandfather, Shmuel Moshe Rutner was born in what was then Darva, Austria-Hungary (now Kolodne, Ukraine), in 1855.  So when I was going through some birth records from the town that began in 1895, I didn't expect to find his birth.
Birth Record, Mosko Ruttner, 1855 (registered 1918)

But in the middle of the 1918 records, rather than using the columns as did the others on the page, was a narrative for record #65 of the year.
Mosko Ruttner birth record closeup
"Born in Darva in 1855 from parents Ruttner Mendel and Farkas Jitta, an Israelite boy called Moskó"

Why did he register his birth in 1918?  Well, a month later, he legally married his wife (even though they were grandparents several times over by 1918).  And to be married, you have to have been born.  And thanks to this, I have my great-great grandfather's birth record.

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