Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Death of Chaim Joshowitz--And the Addition of Two Ancestors

My great-great grandfather was Chaim Joshowitz.  I knew that from his son Josef's gravestone and death certificate.  And I knew that he died in 1927 or earlier, since my grandmother's youngest brother Herbie was named for Chaim.  But other than the fact that his wife was Mindel Eizikovics, that's about all I knew about him.  Until now.
Chaim Joshowitz Death Record

Closeup of Chaim Joshowitz's Death Record, left side

Chajem Josovics died on April 2, 1926 in Kolodne (then Slovakia, now Ukraine), aged 76.  His wife was Mindel Eizikovics, and his parents (the first mention I have of my 3rd great grandparents' names) were Josef and Gitl Josovics.  Cause of death was old age weakness, and the death was reported by Salomon Fux.

There's also a notation on the far right:
Notation on Chaim Joshowitz's Death Record
Translation: At the column 4 addition ,- the occupation of the deceased was farmer, permit information Tačove number 7001130, 15 July 1936 Josef Řeřicha, deputy to registrar.
Apparently Chaim was a farmer--another new fact (to me) about my great-great grandfather.

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  1. Isn't it wonderful to get new nuggets from a primary source! Mazel Tov!

  2. Do the names of his parents explain the names of any descendants?

    1. My great grandfather (son of Chaim) was Yosef. And he had sisters (names as yet unknown for most).

    2. Great work! I'm curious if death records from Slovakia/now Ukraine (such as your photographs) are online or did you have someone find them for you. I haven't worked on my lines that span the modern Slovak/Ukraine border in ages and haven't kept up with what new material might be out there. Thanks!

    3. Betsy, they are not online--but I'm working with JewishGen's H-SIG to work to procure copies of these records, so eventually the index will be online. But there will need to be a fundraising project to be able to pay for these records.