Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Endogamous Father

Nearly a month ago, I did a post on how I was able to see which of my DNA segments came from which ancestor.  I did the same thing with Kitty Cooper's Chromosome Matcher for my father's DNA and was able to see the endogamy underlying in my father's Ashkenazic DNA.
My father's DNA, on his father's side

Although my grandmother tested, none of her cousins have tested (since the majority were killed in WWII).  Including her DNA in this analysis wouldn't be helpful, since half of my father's DNA came from her.  So I only used relatives of my grandfather (who was never tested himself) to see which DNA came from which part.  So the paternal and maternal notations on this map are my grandfather's paternal and maternal sides.

On my grandfather's maternal side, two people have tested--first cousins of my grandfather, both grandchildren of Yechiel Suttleman.  One is a grandson of the same wife of Yechiel (Kreina); one is a granddaughter of Yechiel's third wife, Ida.  Where that granddaughter matches my father, I can make the assumption that the DNA was from Yechiel himself; where the grandson matches, the DNA is from Yechiel and Kreina.

On my grandfather's paternal side, two people have tested as well.  They are both descendants of my grandfather's Aunt Shaindel (we initially connected via DNA), so both are descended from my grandfather's paternal grandparents, Hillel and Hinda Diamond.  One is a second cousin of my father, and the other is her nephew.

Since this is only looking at one side of my father's DNA, there theoretically shouldn't be any overlap between the "paternal" and "maternal" DNA.  In other words, the blue of Hillel and Hinda Diamond's DNA shouldn't lie on the same place on any chromosome as any of the other (Suttleman) colors.  But that isn't the case.

The Diamonds and Suttlemans have 2 pretty large segments of chromosome 6 in common.  And on chromosome 10, there are several reasonably large Suttleman segments that overlap with a large Diamond segment.  There are also several small Suttleman segments on chromosomes 2, 3, 11, 14, 15 and 16 that overlap with Diamond segments.  I have no documentation showing any sort of genealogy relationship between my grandfather's parents.  But there may actually be a connection further back than my paper trail (particularly given the large overlap on chromosome 6), or this may just be a function of endogamy.


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  1. I have read this a few times and realized that since I have collected quite a bit of new information and formed some new conclusions in the past six months, I really have to redo my great-grandfather Hersch Pickholz' Lazarus kit and build a new chromosome mapper like the one Lara shows us here. Like Lara, I should probably do it for my father.