Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Uncle Izzy Joshowitz's Birthday

My grandmother's brother, Isadore Joshowitz (my Uncle Izzy), was the only child in the family born in Europe; my grandmother and their other siblings were all born in Pennsylvania.  Uncle Izzy never knew his exact birthday and always celebrated it as though he were born on February 12, 1913.

Well, he wasn't too far off....
Birth Record, Ignacz Joszovics; Darva (Kolodne), Austria-Hungary; 1913

Uncle Izzy was originally Ignacz Joszovics, born January 16, 1913.  His parents were given as Joszef Joszovics (aged 30) and Eszter Fuksz (aged 24).  (Note that Esther's mother's maiden name was Fuchs while her father was a Rutner--but they weren't legally married at this point, so Esther was considered illegitimate.)  Both lived in Darva (modern-day Kolodne, Ukraine).

Eszter's father (and my great-great grandfather) Shmuel Moshe Rutner signed as the person who reported the birth.

Uncle Izzy had a dry sense of humor and liked to play "Get-'em" which involved pulling children's toes, which we found hysterically funny.  He was also a man who worked in his scrap metal yard well into his 90s and who helped anyone who needed anything.  This story describes him well--but with the wrong birth date, of course!
Isadore Joshowitz Obituary; The Valley Mirror; July 12, 2007
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  1. The eighth of Shevat was never later than 6 Feb, so it cannot be THAT error.