Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Zubkis Family in 1875--With Some Mysteries

My great-great-great grandfather, Shaul Ber Zubkis, was listed in the 1875 Russian Empire census in the town of Kuna--but it was noted there that he and his 2-year-old son Shaya (my great-great grandfather) were living in Shpikov.  It turns out that Shaul Ber was also listed in the 1875 census as taken in Shpikov in an addendum for those who were registered in other towns.
Zubkis Family; 1875 Russian Empire Census; Shpikov; page 1

Shaul Ber son of Shaya was listed as person #177.  He is registered in Kuna but owns his house in Shpikov.  His permission to reside outside Shpikov was given "by certificate of Kuna's Jewish tax collector on 27 December 1873.
Zubkis Family; 1875 Russian Empire Census; Shpikov; page2
Shaul Ber was 49 at this time.  There are two children listed as Shaul Ber's sons--Avrum (aged 9) and Chaim (aged 1).  These are names I haven't heard before--and they don't appear in subsequent censuses.

Also, my great-great grandfather Shaya should have been listed here; he was, in fact, listed on the Kuna census this very same year as having been 2 years old in the 1859 revision and that he had left with his father to Shpikov since then.  In addition, Shaya appears in the 1882 and 1895 lists in Shpikov.  Shaya would have been about 18 years old in 1875, so perhaps this was a draft avoidance tactic.  Oddly, his brother Yossel is also missing; he would be 7 years old.

Note that women were not listed in this census, so no insight as to Shaul Ber's wife at the time (he was married at least twice) and any daughters.

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